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I recently saw some pictures (and a video) taken at a wildlife refuge of a full-grown lion, tiger and bear who were raised together. They have completely bonded with one another and eat, sleep and play together. As you can tell by the picture below, it’s pretty amazing. These are animals that would never, ever, interact with each other in the wild, who wouldn’t even know of the others’ existence.

They had been the “property” as cubs of a drug gang and, when the police busted the gang, they called the refuge to see if they would take the cubs, which had been abused. The refuge workers initially thought about separating the threesome since they’re different species, etc. but when they saw how the animals had taken to each other, left them together. It was the right move.

It’s been said animals love humans unconditionally, and even though they may be completely different, they react that way to other animals as well, depending on the conditions. If only people could be as accepting and tolerant.

In my novel, Blood of the Daxas, being released in print format this weekend, some of my characters are animals. The late, great Andre Norton wrote many stories concerning animals bonding with humans (Beast Master, Moon of Three Rings, Catseye) in either emotional or psychic terms. That’s always been an interest of mine and, as a result, I’ve created the dragon, Wyverna, Queen of the Daxas, who can thought-commune with the human Gifted One, Toria.

Toria doesn’t realize she possesses such a mental power until the dragon makes contact. As a result, Toria’s life will change forever. For she finds the dragon isn’t some rampaging monster but an advanced, intelligent, and caring being.

There’s also Timen-Lu, a Beast-Witch, who can control animals and birds of all kinds including her “brother,” the mountain cat, Kanta the kazak (a definite nod or homage to Andre Norton, I admit) and her three starhawk companions, Pala, Sedon, and Yarin. Being a practitioner of the “Inner Eye,” Timen-Lu can, once she has psychically connected to her animal charges, “see” through their eyes.

My wife and I have cats and our lives wouldn’t be complete without them. They bring a lot of joy to our lives. We’re all creatures of the same world and need to coexist peacefully. Both animals and humans.

In Blood of the Daxas, it’s the decisions of both the human and animal characters that move the action forward and reach a common resolution.

The book launch event for Blood of the Daxas is tomorrow, December 6, 2pm, at Rickert and Beagle Books in Dormont, PA. Thank you all for your interest and support!

Lion, Tiger and Bear

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